by Rusty

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Here's my attempt at being edgy. I'm so edgy I can make hedgehogs cry. I'm edgier than a square banana. I just lost all my edginess.

This song is a mixture between failed pseudo-existentialism and... uhm... rock?

Main message: We live in a cold, empty and scary world, and whatever we choose to fill this world with will decide what this world will be about - this is what the last "lyrics" are about. ^^'

The album art for this song was made by the Awesome Sharimapic!
I have no idea what she's saying, but watch her DA (sharimapic.deviantart.com) and Youtube (www.youtube.com/user/Sharimapic)


Sitting down, in your room, you are tired now
Nothings wrong, except for you
Oh, you’ve felt that somethings been creeping on
Then it burst, and the world fell to dust

So it was, when you managed to break off free
All was sand; it was dark and so cold
Now you’re free, are you happy with emptiness? Huh?
Fall from dust, feel the cold and dry sand

Oh, climbing up, do you want to come in again? Hah!
Silly you, it was never there!

Stars and sand, you have nothing but craziness, hah!
This is it, this is reality.

So who are you? Will you do what they always do?
One chance now, you can chose what to do.

As I wandered forward in the vast void something came over me. This is true, this is a never ending space of nothing. I am the only thing here. Whatever I do, think or feel is the only thing which is being done, thought or felt; so I sat down, I thought of my mother, my father, my siblings, my friends, and the happiness of having shared a world with them – and then the sun started to rise.


released June 12, 2016




Rusty Enköping, Sweden

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