Why We Pony - Remastered

by Rusty

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I am in many respects a lazy man, so here you have a pure copy paste from the Youtube clip:

Nope, there is no un-remastered version!

Anyhoo, here's my attemt at being sopmewhat satirical, though I think I might have hammered more on my thumb than on the actuall nail - or well, my thúmb has a nail... thoug hthat's not the kind of nail I'm talking about - I'm talking about the particular kind of nail which most commonly is made out of metal and is used to fasten what most often is building materials on to eachother. In this case, that nail is used as a likeness to me not quite succeeding with the lyrics. there ya go! see, it wasn't that hard was it? I mean the nail would have been hard, had it actually existed. it does not exist. To my knowledge at least. If you find it, call me.

The picture might look slightly gloomy or sad, and it might be, though it is most part to highlight how it might seem to advocate for friendship today ^-^

As stated in the paragraph before the last, the lyrics seems a bit scattered and incoherent, with a somewhat naive perception of stuff and things, but here's what I wanted said:
I believe that the form of social genuineness and emphasis on individuality, non-judgement and love - that is, for everypony - which MLP has adopted (though I won't say I think they thought it through on an existential level) isn't just some kind of fantasy which is far far away, but something which actually corresponds to human needs better than the "human = tool, money = power" based society we live in today.

In short: kindness is good.

In the lyrics I sing that being sad is easy, though I don't mean that being sad is easy as such - believe me it's not - but it doesn't take any inner strength, personal growth or individuality to be sad or to hate things; they are the easiest things to be. Though you shouldn't think that it being easy makes it default, for this easiness also makes them weaker and tremble when confronted with true happiness, love and individuality glimpsed in brief thanks to mlp.

Rusty is not insane.
ablargha blargha blah

(basic income ftw!)


So, we live in a world made of pride and hate
With the money and the power being everything that’s great
With the countries being led by all but those we choose
And whose values always anyway means blaming those who lose

So what can one do, when living in this gloom
When society just says: “Oh I’m sorry, no more room!”
Well ofcourse the only thing, which could be the quite sane option
Is to darn it all to hell, avoiding cultural adoption
“But wait!” Some may say. “you must clearly just be crazy! We’ve got guns and women, cars and cash and you’re just being lazy!”
Gah, that is great, we take all the things with glee, but what the heck’s the point in having when we when we don’t know how toe be.
Guh, You see? This is why we pony.
“Gah, FAG”
“Cultural adoption”
“what the hell is he wearing?”
“a perfecty fine option”
“Gah, GAY!”
“you use that like a insult”
“They are ugly grown men!”
“a clearly much horrendous cult”

Except for wars and wealth, the world’s in quite good health!
Oh wait, except for cholera, ebola and then aids;
global warming, fur farming, children starving, fine
“as long as they stay far away from anything that’s mine!”

Now it would just be simple to claim an ideology
There’s plenty you can choose from, no really come and see!
They can give your life a meaning when money’s lost its novelty
Just make sure that it’s not a part of getting what you- Oh no don’t do that!
“It was on the 15:th of May 2017 the war started; a third world war, the war to end all wars … again.”
Guh, you see? This is why we pony.
“really, that is your solution?
no wonder stress and sadness leads to destructive conclusions”
“well, this is true for all, religion, countries, peoples too, we create our own downfall.”

Worry not, leave that to me, the world is still quite rather free,
True force lies in kindness and in intellectuality
Being sad is easy, hating things is too, so what kind of force could it take to follow those two?
Kindness isn’t easy, nor is love or kindship, but master them and hate will fall wherever you may face it.
See? This is why we pony.
“Gah, Woo! I love my little pony!”
“Yes that’s true”
“What a wonderful person”

“Gah, woo! We shall only need a friend!”
“…and individuality”
“Together ‘til the end!”






Rusty Enköping, Sweden


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